Erie Canal Flight of Five Locks


The Lockport community, with the support of the New York State Canal Corporation, is pursuing a strategy to rehabilitate the Erie Canal Flight of Five Locks and return them to operating condition. Rehabilitation of Locks 69 & 70 was completed in 2014, and rehabilitation of Lock 68 was initiated in January, 2019, with a target date of completion of Fall, 2019. Demonstrations of the reconstructed Flight of Five are expected to resume for the 2020 season, including locking through our Durham-style vessel, the “Erie Traveler”.

Operate the Lock Gates!


Push the 1-ton wooden balance beams into position just as our 19th Lock Tenders toiled to manually open the 5-ton wooden lock gates. 

Our knowledgeable, volunteer Lock Tenders will be glad to show you how! Join us Saturdays from June 8 – September 28 between 11:30 am – 1:30 pm.

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