Our Volunteers

Valued Volunteers



It required a workforce in the thousands to hand dig the original Erie Canal (1817-25). Today, over 125 dedicated volunteers, including Lock Tenders, Boat Tenders, Guides, Tour Leaders, Canal Ambassadors, Reenactors and Canal Clean Up & Beautification Team members transform the largest extant section of the Enlarged Erie Canal and the surrounding Locks District into a dynamic, living history experience yearly for thousands of visitors to the Lockport Locks.

Community Pride



When the State of New York authorized the construction of the Erie Barge Canal, Lockport was fortunate that only one of the two flights of five locks from the 19th Century was demolished in order to make room for the much larger and deeper Barge Canal Locks. The rehabilitation of the Erie Canal Flight of Five Locks has ignited a passion among Lockport citizens to make the Lockport Locks Heritage District a world-class heritage tourism attraction that complements the other outstanding architectural and cultural sites in Western New York.

Celebrate Our Heritage



Lockport area residents are invited to join the ranks of the Erie Canal Flight of Five volunteer workforce. Simply complete and submit the Erie Canal Flight of Five Volunteer Sign-Up Form to become part of our organization. 

Flight of Five Lock Tenders

Listed below are the names of our current volunteer corps of Lock Tenders:

Mike O'Neil   Robert Ortt   Douglas Nagel   Don Nims   Jenelle Papin   Tom Parks   Ashley  Person   Jeffrey Petersen   Jack  Pittsley   Michael Primerano   Gary Proefrock   Erin Reibel   Josh Repp   Jeff Rey  Bob Corneck   Steve Cotten   Mike Davidson   Don DuBois   Rick Dunbar   Melissa Dunlap   Ahmed Eleshaky   Jeremy Fischer   Wayne Forrest   John   "Jack" Frost   Marc Frys   Dave Garlock  Doug Riccobono Sr.   Tim Rushlow   Ed Sandell   Dale Schlyer   Alexander Scott   Kevin Seekins   Kimberly Seekins  Felicia Shubbuck   John Shubbuck   Art Smith   Greg Smith   Travis Smith   Trevor Smith   Peter Stapell   Dennis Summers   Judi Szczublewski   Josh Tatman   Mike Trethewey   Paul Trometer   Rick Updegrove   Dominic Vogel   Ernie Way   Terry Werth   Kaitlyn Whitlock  

Amanda Alexander   Rick Annalora   Mark Bannan   Mark Bauerlein   Katie Benden   Lola Bergeron   Marie Bindeman   Tim Brounscheidel   Aaron Carlson   Dave Chatt   Boyd  Cooper  Desire Giraneza  Tom Glynn   Mike Gordon   Philip Gow   David Guetta   Nancy Haas   Dennis Hadden   Beth Handley   Mercedes Handley   Ken Handley III   Chelsea Harpst   Doug Hartley   Scott Herald   Kylie Henderson   Gary Hetherly   James Houghton   Terry Hutchison   Russell Jackman   Nancy Kasprzak-Whitmore   John Katalinas   Cindi Kavanaugh   Kayla Kisenwether   Xavier Krull   Michael Landers   Jeff Lee   Paul Lehman   Lindsey Leitzel   Dan Lewandowski   Mike Lorenc   Susan Loughen   Kathryn Martin   Thomas Mattocks   Harry McCrea   David Wielgas   Kevin Wojcinski   Michael Werthman   William Wright   Joel Yacono        

Volunteer Your Time

If you would like to become part of the 2020 Lock Tender Corps, please contact us and we can start the discussion to make you a part of this dedicated group.