Our Sponsors

Government Partners

 The City of Lockport is the sponsor of the Erie Canal Flight of Five Rehabilitation Project. The City has successfully worked with elected officials at the local, state and federal level to obtain funding for the capital construction work necessary to return the Flight of Five to working condition.   

Operating & Maintaining Historic Locks


Aside from the capital construction costs, there are yearly operating expenses that the Lockport Locks Heritage District Corporation (LHDC) faces. The LHDC has taken on the City of Lockport’s obligation to maintain and operate the rehabilitated Flight of Five Locks. In addition, there are annual operating expenses, including liability insurance, Lock Tender uniforms, and marketing and advertising costs.


Business Support


The Lockport area business community, recognizing the tremendous opportunity to economically revitalize Lockport’s historic canal corridor, has responded generously in donating to the Annual Locks District Appeal to provide funds to pay for the operation and maintenance costs involved. Many of those businesses are listed below. The Locks District also benefits from the donations of local residents so that the weekly Locks Demonstrations can be offered to the public free of charge.

Major Sponsors

The Lockport business community recognizes the economic potential of heritage tourism to the community and within the regional context of Western New York.

Supporting Organizations

As an affiliate of the Greater Lockport Development Corporation, the Lockport Locks Heritage District Corporation has a strong partnership with Lockport Main Street and Destination Niagara.

Strategic Partners

Lockport's other Erie Canal heritage attractions have formed an effective partnership to strengthen Lockport's attractiveness as the premier Erie Canal community in Upstate New York. In particular, the Niagara County Historical Society and the Historic Lockport Mill Race are focused on promoting Lockport's unique story.

Locks Heritage Promoters

Enlarged Erie Sponsors

Locks District Donors

Friends of the Flight

Canal Enthusiasts